Bosolac Extra Brandy XO is an elegant high-end brandy. It is carefully prepared according to a special proportion. The rich fruit aroma is intertwined with the soft creamy aroma. The palate is rich and full-bodied, with a smooth delivery and a perfectly balanced mouthfeel and an endless finish, making it ideal for pure drinking, in a meal and pairing with cigars.

The handmade crystal bottle in 1600g is crystal clear with wavy shape. Look at the bottom of the bottle, you will understand the mystery. It is like a sailing boat that rides the wind and waves and moves forward bravely which add an elegance to the brandy.

Volume: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 40% VOL
Color: Dark amber
Nose: Delicate floral notes with rich vanilla and salted caramel
Taste: Sweet in the mouth, fresh fruit salad, vibrant
Finish: Rich in layers with a long aftertaste